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156 Cells Mono RT8L-M

RT8L-M(N-type Topcon) series is produced with high efficiency multi-busbar cells, which can reduce the module internal power loss to improve its conversion efficiency, as well as lower the failure risk caused by cracks and broken busbar to enhance the module reliability, Combined with half-cell technology, the module is highly resistant to hot-spot crisis caused by shadow effect.

Product Feature

● High module conversion efficiency (up to 21.46%), through superior manufacturing technology

● Guaranteed 0-+5W positive power output tolerance ensures high reliability

● Anti-reflective,hydrophobic coating improves light absorption and reduces surface dust

● Excellent performance under low light environments (mornings,evenings and cloudy days)

● Suitable for harsh environments,such as coasts, deserts and lakes Withstand high level of wind loads(2400pa) and snow loads(5400pa)


156 Cells RT8L-M

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156 Cells RT8L-M